Build and Execute Your Sales Breakthrough Plan 

It's time to take massive action to bring your team’s results to the next level so you can: 

  • Outperform your numbers 
  • Gain a fresh vision to reenergize your team 
  • Eliminate the roller-coaster effect of inconsistent activity 
  • Attract and retain the best talent 
  • Expedite getting new reps up to speed 
  • Operate like a well-oiled machine 
  • Be passionate about coming to the office

Your Breakthrough Coaches

Dave Sanderson Developing Personal Leadership

Dave brings unique perspective as a leadership expert with deep sales experience. Based on lessons from challenging experiences including the unplanned landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River, Dave helps leaders discover purpose and turn turmoil into triumph. You will be inspired and challenged by Dave as he equips you to breakthrough to the next level.

Darrell Amy Revenue Growth Engine

Darrell knows how to align sales with marketing to drive results. He helps sales teams build and fine-tune their Revenue Growth Engines®. With almost 3 decades of B2B sales development and marketing experience, Darrell will help you get aligned so you can create a revenue operations model to break through!

Larry Levine Selling From the Heart

Larry believes that authenticity is the missing key to sales and sales leadership success. Having worked with sales teams on three continents, Larry brings a powerful perspective to sales leadership in a highly skeptical marketplace. As we welcome younger generations into our sales teams, Larry's perspective on authenticity and trust play a critical role in breaking through to the next level!

Holly Dowling Award-Winning Global Speaker

Holly Dowling is a dynamic, global keynote speaker and master facilitator with a disarmingly joyful and indomitable spirit. She is an expert in strengths-based leadership, change management, and corporate women's empowerment.

What You Will Get

Simply put, you will get RESULTS! When you put what you'll learn into practice and add massive action, results are inevitable. Our goal is acceleration, compressing the decades it usually takes to get results NOW!

100 Day Sales Breakthrough Plan

You will leave this retreat with a personalized Sales Breakthrough Plan with everything you need to take massive action to elevate your team’s results to the next level.

A Network of Like-Hearted Leaders

High performers need to be engaged with like-minded leaders. Having the right associations will inspire you to achieve more than you could ever believe you could!


Six Months of Mastermind Access

($480 value)

Sales leadership is full of challenges. When you enroll in this event you’ll get six months access to the Sales Leaders Mastermind group. In this community you’ll find fresh ideas and solutions to your most challenging leadership issues.


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